Dipolo Traditional Taverna & Grocery shop

Olympian Guide Ref Code: AC-3348


Dipolo Traditional Taverna & Grocery shop

The traditional grocery-kafenion Dipolo  is the first activity of “cretan values”
Memories of the old days, when in our villages a single daily visit to the neighborhood Kafenion- Grocery Shop shop was a unique experience, in a welcoming, friendly and traditional environment, where pure Cretan products always have the first place, made us reminisce and create "Dipolo",
a traditional grocery- kafenion adapted to “today”, with main philosophy :
"The excellent selected products and flavors of Crete"
Dipolo’s (dipole) philosophy starts from its name, which symbolizes a mixed shop GROCERY - KAFENION, offering products for sale in the grocery store, which products are at the same time the basis of the culinary tastes that can be experienced in our Kafenion.
It even symbolizes the relationship between YESTERDAY and TODAY, following the trends without losing its identity.
The pure Cretan products which for many centuries are the basis of the well-known Cretan healthy diet, can be an excellent choice for modern consumers, both in terms of healthy eating and at the same time the basis for unique culinary experiences offered in Crete.
The products you can buy from our store, are selected with strict quality criteria from all regions of Crete, based on the philosophy of "cretan values”


Gramvousis & Monis Odigitrias 18,
Heraklion 71201


+30 2810282818