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Wine & Raki

Published on: 2012-06-05 21:38:54
Beverages that are essential to Cretan folk.

Wine accompanies most dishes and it is considered a remedy to have one glass every day.

Wine appeared on Crete during the Minoan Era and since then it always accompanies any formal or informal event. Mild winter, hot summer and dry early autumn, form ideal weather conditions for grapes to ripe and offer the best juice for wine. Mandilari, Kotsifali Liatiko and Vilana are a few of the indigenous varieties of wine. Most Cretans consume daily a couple of glasses of wine, to enhance blood pressure and to maintain their strength. During wine production, there are no additives or any processing with other ingredients. That is why local wine is part of the healthy Cretan diet.
Raki is distilled from remains of stems and grape seed husks. The pure alcohol –as strong as the producer wants it- is scented with herbs, when scented with anise seed Ouzo is produced. Locals produce their own wine and raki (in their own distillery).

Raki is made by double distilling the remains of grapes. - Raki is made by double distilling the remains of grapes.