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Hania - A relaxing excursion

Published on: 2012-04-25 23:06:54
This is a half day trip to the Northeastern part of the Prefecture and to the Northwestern part of Rethymno

This is a short trip to the area connecting Hania and Rethymno prefectures.

Setting off from Hania in about 30’ the village of Vrisses welcomes the visitors for a morning coffee under the high trees and by the river.
Kournas lake is a little over 10’ from here and it is hidden behind high mountains. The springs of  Argyroupolis are very popular especially during hot summer days. The village of Argyroupolis is built on the remains of Ancient Lappa. Episkopi village is on the way back to the beach, here are some buildings of the Venetian and Ottoman Era. Episkopi beach is the one end of a more than 10km long sandy beach.