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Lasithi - Eastern Crete & its northest peak.

Published on: 2012-05-09 18:45:27
A trip to the history of the eastern part of Crete.

This trip is rather long as the roads are rough and require careful driving. However it is rewarding because of the various attractions that are presented.

Lasithi had a great development since its sea trade was facilitated by its position. Many towns flourished at the far east part and even small islands played an important role to this economic growth. Itanos, Palaikastro and Zakros are the settlements discovered today. Many more should exist and remain to be excavated. Toplou Monastery has a history on its own, and is one of the richest nowadays. Vasiliki and Gournia are settlements that due to their position controlled the flow of goods and people from the east to the west.