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Heraklion - Cretan nature & history

Published on: 2012-05-08 23:14:03
A long trip south of Heraklion Prefecture to Roman and Minoan settlements and to pure nature.

This long trip will take you through mainland Heraklion to Gortys, Faistos and to the beautiful area of Zaros and Rouvas.

On the road from Heraklion the vineyards are endless, as are the olive groves. Gortys Roman Town was very powerful and issued the first ever Law Code of Justice. Faistos was second to the Knossos Palace and was built on a hill to overlook and control the Messara valley. Close by exist the residence of Agia Triada, which was rather large and could be the summer residence of Faistos King. Zaros is known for its lake and lush green and is adjascent to Rouvas forest.